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Enterprise Architecture

Azure Sky Group’s skills in Enterprise Architecture are cutting edge. Design, planning, and documentation of “As-Is” and “To-Be” network infrastructure, documentation and optimization of system to system communications, and technology insertion are just some of the technologies we can bring to bear to support your project needs.
Network Support
Azure Sky Group, as a part of our infrastructural support offerings, provide network design, support and implementation services. Our partnerships with a variety of top-tier technology providers enable our business to leverage a key skillset and offering package of marketing-leading solutions to solve your toughest problems.
Integration, Programming and Solutions Development
At Azure Sky, we believe in a diverse offering of talents when developing solutions for our customers. An array of languages and techniques are at your fingertips when you utilize our services. Whether instituting a custom solution, a product upgrade, or a customer integration or front end, we can help you.
Systems Engineering
Azure Sky provides a variety of systems engineering disciplines, including systems architecture, optimization, load planning, reliability and sustainability, and test and evaluation.
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