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Lines of Business


The Azure Sky Group will work with your internal ERP and systems analysts to establish information transactions that provide your business with direct customer communication, Total Asset Visibility, and dynamic network and product line interactions. We work with major application providers, OEMs, first-tier product developers, and all your internal experts to develop solutions that meet or exceed your needs while creating a long-term environment of success for your business. No client at Azure Sky Group is a short-term engagement; all of our products and services are considered an investment in the future of your business. We will work tirelessly over time to make certain the information you receive is nothing less than transformative for the way you do business. We are certain that your visibility in your market, your product needs, and the knowledge of your internal staff are treated with the same respect that Azure accords every tier of our client base. Customer satisfaction is a critical component of our business model, and we know that the greatest way for our organization to grow is by facilitating your success. This can be achieved by nothing less than a superlative provision of data, services, integration, and customer satisfaction – not just during the engagement, but for years to come.



During an engagement, you will experience the Azure touch – a combination of strong communication and deep experience that keeps you confident in the project’s success, but also leaves you with the information, skills, and knowledge necessary to carry on each project for the long-term, ensuring the continued growth of your corporation. Our technical experts will engage with your team, and show you the power of the direct customer interaction, dynamic supply chains, and on-the-fly networks. We will get your data from the air to your systems efficiently, practically, and rapidly. Your company will be able to establish a proactive environment that will put you head and shoulders above your competition, and will position you to delight your clients with something new that grows the bottom line. Our partnerships with major software vendors, our OEM relationships, and our product line ensure that you will receive the support you need from both Azure and our partners now and in the future. We will work with you to create a library of relevant data that permits your organization to do all that it needs to do – including bringing your organization to the forefront of modern technology.


Project Management

Our Project Management professionals will work with your internal team to achieve a technology transition that will put the right data in the right hands. We will establish solid goals, a firm schedule, and deliverable that meet or exceed your expectations, and leave you with nothing less than superlative service. We will work with your team to demonstrate the short and long-term financial benefits of the project. We follow well known Project Management principles established by institutional names in project control. We understand that establishing your schedule, goals, and tasking upfront is essential to the success of what you want to achieve – and we will work tirelessly to ensure that this occurs. Once your goals, objectives, and deliverables are established, Azure will create a project schedule that identifies a timeline for your success, one that meets your corporate evolution of success. We know the pressures of Return On Investment, and know that speed of delivery is essential to demonstrate the monetization of your investment. Azure will devoutly follow these well-established methods to make certain that get what you desire – a solution delivered on time, that meets all technical goals, and that immediately delivers a financial benefit to your organization.

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